She loves to inspire and be inspired, and to connect the dots.

Her driving force is connecting people and ideas and thereby helping and enabling others to launch and realize new projects.

Elise loves new plans and ideas that require huge doses of creativity and a belief that the impossible can be made possible, where success is a mind-set.

Photo credit: Gerlinde de Geus

Elise gives various workshops and talks.

She can be booked to give a talk on a variety of topics.

She also gives customized talks and workshops, both in English and Dutch.

A selection of the topics:

Dream or Bestseller

Books and publishing from every possible perspective

Trends for booksellers and publishers

How to create your own co-creating community

Serendipity, plentitude and sharing economy

Working smarter


Meet & Discover! operates two inspiring and optimistic Seats2Meet meeting locations in Amersfoort. Elise and her business partner Tianne van Woudenberg are the entrepreneurs behind this concept. If you are looking for spontaneous and relevant encounters, come and work or meet at one of our locations. www.meet-en-discover.nl

Van Lindonk & De Bres

Van Lindonk & De Bres is an edgy, non-conforming publishing company. We help people, companies and organizations realize their book-dreams and launch successful concepts. From idea to realization to success. www.vldb.nl


Invictus Publishing is an unconventional publisher that focuses on fewer rather than more books. Elise de Bres founded this publishing house with Michael Pilarczyk. www.invictuspublishing.nl


Boekcoach is a new publishing concept and an initiative of Van Lindonk & De Bres. Boekcoach inspires and informs you to make a success of your book-idea. www.boekcoach.nl


Several books and promoter/follower of the philosophy.

8 hours overtime
for a good cause

Initiator in Amersfoort.

Society 3.0 Foundation

Book Society 3.0 and promoter/follower of the philosophy.


Broodfonds Amersfoort Goed Belegd. Initiator and chairperson.

Getting Things Done

Organiser 2009 Congress and promoter/follower of the philosophy.


Author of the column Snoepwinkel (Candy store).


Group General Publishers. Member since 2015.


JCI-Eemland (former-member).

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